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Turn those B's into A's

Turn B's into A's with Tutoring 101Tutoring 101 has been building scholars since 1997

Whether you are looking to bring reading, math, or writing skills up to grade level or looking to give your student new challenges to cut their teeth on, we can provide the tutor and curriculum you are looking for.

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Tutoring in Specific Areas >

We recommend a weekly or twice weekly appointment to help students be timely about reviewing material covered in class and prepare for upcoming tests.

Tutoring 101 has tutors in all subjects including: 






Social Studies



Enrichment >

Our tutors with a gifted and talented background will design and teach a customized curriculum for your student in language arts and writing.

STAAR Prep for all Tests>

We have tutors in all subjects covered by the STAAR test.  The tutors have years of experience with the various tests that are and have been required by the state of Texas. Since passing the STAAR test is required for passing the grade level, proper preparation is crucial to advancement.

Study Skills and Time Management >

For students who are on grade level but could benefit from the development of stronger organization skills, test taking tips, and note taking practice, we have tutors and exercises for them as well.

Seventh Grade SAT Prep
for Duke Tip>

Duke TIP helps gifted students

discover their abilities, explore new

academic challenges, and celebrate

their accomplishments. 
Tutoring 101

now offers Duke TIP as part of our




 $64 hour or 10 hours for $590.
(excluding College level, AP, Calc, and Physics)
 $74 hour or 10 hours for $690. including College Level, AP, Calc, Physics.





About Tutoring 101

TUTORING 101 is a professional educational services company.

Our staff includes teachers and professors in all academic subjects
and grade levels. We have been tutoring in Allen and surrounding areas since 1997. 

Contact us today about one-on-one tutoring in any subject.

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